About Us

Culfadda NS is situated near Ballymote in County Sligo. We aim to enable each child to live a full life, realising his or her potential as a unique individual. We want to equip each child to avail of further education, so that he or she may go on to live a full and useful life as an adult in society. We recognise and cater for individual differences, providing a stimulating environment and a variety of opportunities for each child to develop their own natural powers to their fullest capacity. At Culfadda NS we aim to develop basic reading skills and a love of reading, to help develop a knowledge of mathematical concepts and operations and to foster a love for the Irish language and all things Irish. We inculcate the practice of moral virtues by word and example and ensure that a Christian spirit permeates the school. Each teacher encourages the practice of charity, justice, truth and obedience to lawful authority. Culfadda NS is a Catholic school which celebrates the uniqueness of each child and commits in as far as possible to nurturing the child in all dimensions of their life. County Sligo is rich in culture & history. It is often referred to as 'Yeats' County', because the famous poet, William Butler Yeats, spent many summers here and he wrote about the county in his poetry. Among musicians it is also known as 'Coleman's Country', because this is where the fiddler Michael Coleman was born. Our school is in an area of the county which has a strong Traditional Irish Music background. School Staff 2021/2022 Principal: Ms. Aisling Egan School Secretary: Ms. Valentine Junior/Senior Infant Teacher: Ms. Denning 1st/2nd Class Teacher: Ms. McGettrick 3rd/4th Class Teacher: Ms. Henry 5th/6th Class Teacher: Ms. Egan SET: Ms. Lawrence , Ms. Fleming SNA: Ms. McLoughlin